AMR Phase Notification

As part of the AMR conversion project, The Harris County MUD No. 419 Board of Directors elected to change out 135 meters per month. Addresses are pulled and sent to the field staff in phases, which correspond to the schedule. The schedule is based on available meters, and meter sizes.

Currently, when meters are upgraded, residents receive a door tag (if customer contact cannot be made) directing them to the HC MUD 419 website The website contains literature regarding how to set up an EyeOnWater profile and utilize key features available on the platform.

As a courtesy to residents, the Harris County MUD No. 419 Board of Directors have elected to share the phase list of street names to help prepare and provide notice as to which streets have been upgraded or planned for changeout. The street names are organized alphabetically, and by meter size. The yellow highlights indicated the streets that have most recently been sent for scheduling and will be updated at the beginning of each month. The blue highlights represent streets that have been completed.

Please note, due to supply/chain issues as well as other unplanned extenuating factors, it may sometimes take longer for your meter to be upgraded though it appears to be recently scheduled.

Additionally, if some meters are changed on a street, but not others, it may be due to meter sizes.

Please forward any questions or concerns to Mackenzie Osborne at

Phase List of Street Names (PDF)

High User Letter Program

Please be advised, as a courtesy to residents, the HC MUD 419 Board of Directors have implemented a High User letter program. These notifications serve to friendly remind consumers to conserve water and assist in monitoring usage. An example of this notification can be found below.

View sample High User letter.