Drainage and Erosion Repair Project

Dear District Resident,

Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 419 (“MUD 419”) will soon undertake a drainage and erosion repair project within Lakeland Village along the south side of House Hahl Trail east of Shorelands Road.

A steep, sloped ditch currently runs along the south side of House Hahl Trail east of Shorelands Road. This ditch drains the trail and adjacent properties. The ditch has eroded over time and now holds water, creating numerous issues for residents. The repair project will replace the existing ditch with an underground storm sewer line with surface mounted inlets every 100 feet. An overflow swale will also be constructed to intercept and divert water to the lake system during extreme rain events.

Project construction currently scheduled to commence in mid-January 2021. The repair project will begin with the removal of trees within the existing ditch and side slope. Resident fences will not be removed or relocated. After clearing, the underground storm sewer pipe and inlets will be installed. The contractor will then fill the ditch and shape the overflow swale. Finally, the project area will be graded and stabilized with hydromulch. Active construction lasting approximately 30 days, depending on weather conditions.

Please feel free to contact the District’s Board of Directors if you have any questions regarding this important project.